Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Holiday with my girl VR

Travel with the girl of your dreams to an island paradise. The hottest and refreshing experience made for google cardboard and other virtual reality devices. Hyper-realistic experiences feelings with your virtual girlfriend.
Your girl is waiting to accompany her, relax and enjoy with her.

You can:
✔ Sunbathing on a beautiful beach.
✔ Walk in your boat.
✔ Walk the edge of the beach together and discover secret places.
✔ Relax your body with a bath in a hot tub overlooking the sea.
✔ Look at night the stars and moon from a romantic cottage sea front.
✔ Rest and sleep very stuck together. You choose to do.

★★★★★ Manga style graphics with realistic scenarios.
★★★★★ Sensual music ideal for awakening love and passion.
★★★★★ New system of motion for virtual reality, come to your girlfriend and discover all its secrets.
★★★★★ Not required gamepad, using only your view.

Are you going to miss this trip to paradise?

You can use it with any device virtual reality: Google Cardboard, SVR Glass, Durovis Dive, VR One,
ImmersiON­VRelia, Go4D VR, Refugio3D, vrAse, Homido, Lakento MVR, etc.

High performance prossesing is required for executing this application. More than Nexus 5.
Please note this experience requires a higher end smart phone otherwise the VR head tracking may be slow due to the high definition graphics.

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